Visionary lamps are portable and offer a sleek, modern look to your room. You’ll also find them in a variety of materials. Cut crystal is an elegant material used in a table lamp. It sparkles and shines refracting light around the lamp and other lighting sources.

Art glass tables lamps are potential family heirlooms. They’re sculpted from toughened glass into beautiful designs such as flowers or dragonflies.


A lamp is a great bedroom accessory as it can help you read in bed before you fall asleep or light the room at a moment’s notice should you wake up in the middle of the night. Choose a smart table lamp with a dimmer switch or one that automatically brightens at dawn to set the mood for your day.

You can also opt for a lamp with a night light that offers accent lighting in addition to its general illumination. You can use this to highlight artwork, reading materials or other features of the room.

You can also pair your bedroom table lamps to bring a uniform look to your room’s decor. For example, you can choose a modern table lamp with a sleek shade and base finish that fits your other pieces, or you can go for a more natural style with a rattan or wicker base. You can even go for a neutral color like white or gray to match your existing decor.

Living Room

A living room table lamp serves as ambient lighting when positioned on either end of a couch or chair. The shade is typically designed to be at eye level when seated, which provides task lighting for reading or hobbies. Situate a pair of matching lamps on an end table to create symmetry and balance in the room.

Accent lighting is ideal for highlighting special pieces of art or collectibles in your family room. Place a pedestal or buffet table lamp centered beneath a painting or framed print to draw attention to the artwork when it’s turned on.

Rustic lodges, elegant East Coast living rooms and more benefit from this oversized ceramic table lamp featuring a head turning base and rich texture. A coordinating fabric shade adds a complementary design element to the room. This lamp pairs well with rustic wood furniture or a patterned sofa. Choose a bronze finish that complements your space for an inviting, gracious living room.

Dining Room

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or just relaxing after work,Visionary table lamps provide the perfect amount of ambient lighting to complement your dining room decor. Choose from many decorative styles like Tiffany table lamps that can be potential family heirlooms and beautiful stained glass to complement traditional decor or modern shapes and metal finishes to suit contemporary decor.

A decorative chandelier is ideal for a dining room but you can add layers of light with recessed lights and wall sconces as well. When choosing a fixture, keep in mind that it should be proportional to the table; a tall fixture will overpower a short table.

To ensure that your pendants are hung at the right height, look for fixtures with field-adjustable cords and cables. Having the ability to modify the height of your fixture at the time of installation helps ensure a perfect fit and eliminates costly future modifications. Also, opt for a chandelier with adjustable rods so you can tweak the hanging height as your needs change over time.


Table lamps are often used in the office as a softer alternative to overhead lighting or to help reduce eye strain. They also can add a stylish touch to an otherwise boring work space or desk.

The lace design on this lamp is perfect for modern styles and decor. The lamp has multiple settings, from bright to mellow. The base is made heavier to prevent it from tipping over, a common problem with other lamps.

The dimming features of this lamp are great for kids who are afraid of the dark or older people who don’t want to trip over something in the dark while getting ready for bed. The switch is also silent, eliminating the need to flip a loud switch near someone’s sleeping body. A touch control is simple to use and allows the user to easily adjust brightness levels. Changing the light to a lower level is perfect for reading, and to a brighter level for sleep.

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